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Adeline Lenway's STORY

My name is Adeline and I am 14 years old and have been a competitive gymnast since I was about seven years old. I am also a wake surfer, play tennis and track, and lots of other water sports. I had to stop gymnastics when I was 12 because of bad knee pain. I did physical therapy for a long time before I ended up getting a plica surgery for my knee. I continued physical therapy after that. I went back to gymnastics but had to stop again for hip and thigh pain. I found out I tore my labrum and we also knew I had hip dysplasia. I got an interarticular hip injection that worked for a few weeks but did not last. I then got my RPAO surgery on November 4, 2020. Right now, I am eight and a half weeks post-op and going in for my 8-week x-rays. I am walking with one crutch right now and working hard at physical to take more steps myself. it has been a long road for me but I am hoping to get back to my sports this summer. 


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