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"Going through any struggle in life alone is hard, especially something like hip dysplasia since it’s not very common. After getting my first PAO done, my number one goal was to help at least one person through this journey and I am thrilled that this person was Sydney. I was able to help her before surgery, in the hospital, and the long days after. A few months later I found out I would need a second PAO and she did the same for me. Having a friend in all of this especially someone like Sydney has changed the whole experience. I had someone to come to, listen to, and talk to no matter what it was. We are hoping that PAO BUDDIES helps to form friendships like ours and help people the way that we both helped each other!"

- Cianna Rzepski


"Although my journey was long, the weeks in between diagnosis and surgery were very few. With no time to even think about what was about to happen, Cianna explained everything to me. We were strangers and it felt so natural to talk to her without it being awkward. Not only did she give me advice, but she also helped me feel way less nervous going into this. Like Cianna mentioned, by the time I was starting PT, her next surgery approached. I was there for her like she was for me through thick and thin. Cianna is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She is such a genuine and heartwarming person. She has changed me into a better person and has taught me so many things. I hope everyone can find someone like I found her throughout this difficult journey."

- Sydney Steinberg

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