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Isabella, Emily, and Rachael

Hundreds of lives, hundreds of beating hearts, hundreds of stories. Everyone has their own story. Their own journey. Their own struggles. 

With that, how many of you tend to shut people out? How many of you tend to hide your feelings? I am guilty of it.

Although it seems counterintuitive given I match people with buddies to talk about their feelings, I am guilty of turning people away who are trying to help me.


But when I got an email two days ago of an 8 year old girl, who despite wanting to not talk about realities in her life, started opening up to two teenagers, I felt inspired. 


Back in January, Isabella, an 8 year old girl, was matched with Rachael, and her best friend, Emily. Isabella is approaching her third hip surgery in a few weeks but with the guidance and light in her life from Emily and Rachael, she is more confident, informed, and emotionally prepared with surgery approaching. 


Emily and Rachael hold weekly FaceTime calls with Isabella, and met in person a few weeks back! They look forward to meeting her again face-to-face soon. 

Knowing the difference these girls have made in each other lives brings me to tears with the fact that I made this match. 


PAO Buddies is not just a website. Not just an Instagram page. It is so much more…

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